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Chairman worked with VietRen Joint Stock Company

( on April 20th, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Nguyen Ngoc Hai worked with VietRen Joint Stock Company (VietRen JSC) for investment in Hong Phong renewable energy project.

At the meeting, representatives of VietRen JSC said that the renewable energy project, capacity of 120 megawatt in an area of ​​195 hectares, was expected to invest in Binh Thuan province with a total investment of about 160 million USD. The company also said that it has experience in wind power up to 50 megawatt and in hydroelectric power up to 60 megawatt in Thailand. Therefore, it is hoped that Binh Thuan province's leaders would accept and support the company to complete the investment procedures and create the favorable conditions for the company to continue expanding the project after this project comes into operation.

Speaking at the meeting, Chairman Nguyen Ngoc Hai affirmed that the field of renewable energy has currently been attracting in order to achieve the objective of sustainable development and to implement the strategy of building a national energy center. VietRen JSC was a big partner in applying advanced technology and financial potential so the Chairman was committed to create the most favorable conditions for the company. Accordingly, the Government would soon complete the power transmission system so the connection with the national power system would be very convenient and the government has recently issued a regulation to increase the price of solar electricity.

With the commitment of the provincial leaders at the investment promotion conference held on April 19th, the Chairman expected Viet Ren JSC to confidently invest in the field of renewable energy in Binh Thuan province.

Translated by Thanh Nhan

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Title: Chairman worked with VietRen Joint Stock Company