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Enjoying Phan Thiet Beo cake


Referring to Beo cake, people immediately think of the famous Beo cake in Hue from North to South Vietnam. Particularly in Phan Thiet Beo cake has shape and flavor very different from Beo cake in Hue.


Although the powder is also poured in the bowl, Beo cake of Phan Thiet has the smaller size and thicker compare with Beo cake of Hue. Beo cake consists of three main parts including cake part made from rice flour; the second part to sprinkle over cake made with shrimp or pureed green beans and the sauce is a mixture of fish sauce, chilli, garlic and roasted peanuts. Sauce is the main ingredient and is often sprinkled directly into the cake. The extra parts is usually the mixture of oil and scallion, greaves or crispy bread for those who love to eat fat.


Also, Phan Thiet also has sweet Beo cake - a gift that visitors often buy some boxes for relative in every occasion visiting Phan Thiet . Sweet cake shaped has the same way in powder prepared and shape with the above mentioned of Beo cake; however the baker added coconut milk, pineapple juice leaves for more sweet scent and fatty. Sweet Beo cake enjoy with sesame salt - the mixture include crushed roasted peanuts mixed with a little salt, a little sugar. This dish is as a snack but it ensure adequate nutrition for a meeting. Some people prefer to mix 2 kinds of Beo cake to have different tastes.

Phan Thiet Beo cake does not sell at luxury shops; It is often sold in street stalls near the market or sidewalk to serve breakfast or late afternoon for the same price range 5.000 - 10.000 VNĐ/ plate.

By Thu Huong

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Title: Enjoying Phan Thiet Beo cake