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Giac snail curry

( Seafood is the priceless gift that is dedicated to human. From the big tuna to tiny snails may have been cooked into many great meals. Snails is a familiar name and is close dish of many, by the fleshy sweet taste and real crunchy.

Giac snail is a marine snail, the big snail is as the adults hand. Giac snails have more from waters of Ninh Thuan - Binh Thuan and stretching down to the south of Con Dao. It usually lives in shallow waters along the reefs, caves, cliffs, water area around the island. Giac snail has big shape, thick, weigh an average of 300 - 500g/a snail As you can see, there are the snail that have the weight over one kilogram. The snail meat is very soft and crunchy. If anyone has ever enjoyed this dish, it is certainly hard to forget the flavors.

Giac snail characteristics is more viscous and welding properties, when people cook this snail, they often use strong spices like lemongrass, chilli, ginger, fragrant knotweed ... Meat twofold sense snails. The first has white color and crispy; the part of the intestine has light brown, soft, fleshy and fat. People  should avoid breaking liver real when take meat snail out of the shell.

Food from Giac snail is quite plentiful, such as boiled, steamed, grilled, salad and porridge. In some dishes from snails also have a dish that anyone has ever enjoyed the taste must be remembered of it - that is Giac snail curry.

To make this curry dish, people should choose the snail has weigh about 300 - 400g is just. Snail is boiled with ginger screws to remove fishy smell. After taking the meat out of the shell, leave the liver sections, thin slice of meat snails. Add garlic, shallot, lemongrass, chilli and curries in the oil pan for flavor then put snail meat and stir well. Adding more coconut milk to a boil, reduce the heat, continue cooking until snail meat are soft and absorb spices into the meat, liver. Tasting again and add little tamarind juice can be used.

It is interesting that snail meat has both crunchy and seafood flavour; more chew more delicious.

 Translated by Thu Huong

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Title: Giac snail curry