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Danger in diving job

Phu Quy district is situated about 56 nautical miles from Phan Thiet city. It has the source of abundant and diversified seafood . So catching fish by diving in Phu Quy has a long-term origin, but the practice mainly carries out during the daytime. In recent years, the source of seafood is excessively exploited and become exhausted, so some fishermen decide to dive at night.

Phu Quy island district’s Long Hai commune is the home for majority of fishermen to do diving job. Long Hai commune has currently a total of 388 boats per 30.507cv, in which boats used for diving activity make up 40%. Some boat owners said diving work at night was unlike other seafood exploitation. This career could be done all year-round except heavy sea or storm. Every journey prolonged from 7 to 10 days and each diver averagely worked about 4-5 hours under the seafloor from 10-15m deep per night. Means which the divers used to breathe was the air compressor with a 100-200m long gas line. Because of working at night, thanks to the self-made lights, the divers could find out seafood. Although the boats using for diving job only carry out in the areas of mound, shallow water-level. But diving in daytime or night also has more risk. Some divers said there had some cases that many divers followed the mound did not recognize how deep they stayed in, so when problems happened such as broken gas pipes, sudden broken gas compressor, the divers tried to surface to survive but they had not enough time to do so and risked their life. According to statistics on accidents by diving job of Long Hai fishermen in recent years shows that the whole commune has more than 50 people with paralyzed legs and hands, joint pain, tinnitus and more than 30 deaths. In addition, the divers after bossing the shows under the sea floor also suffer from health later. Finding out the danger and the risk of diving work, many fishermen quit diving job and choose another career. However, the most worry recently is that Long Hai commune still has many fishermen doing diving job. They do not have better effective solutions to convert their job with purpose of restriction this.

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Title: Danger in diving job