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Sound of bamboo brooms in the island

Each day, whether it is sunny or rainy, women workers of Management Board of Public Works of Phu Quy island must wake up early to collect rubbish in all ways in the district. Then, they put into a location for rubbish vans which collect and transport to Tam Thanh commune’s Ganh Hang rubbish dump for destroying.

Before the year 2000, all households living around Phu Quy district must be self-collected their daily waste to destroy spontaneously due to without any rubbish dumps. So the status of waste thrown indiscriminately at the beach, along the way ... happened frequently. Before the risk of pollution of ecological environment is increasing and with the attention of district leaders, in 2001, the team of public works was established with function of waste collection and treatment, road maintenance and road light tem maintenance... In the first days, team of public works only has 15 people (mostly in women), divided into 03 groups to collect rubbish directly in 03 communes. It initially faced many difficulties because when the workers completed waste collection, they must hire private trucks to transport to the rubbish dump. It was inconvenient and expensive. Over a period time of operation, team of public works renamed Management Board of Public Works of Phu Quy district and has invested on buying 02 rubbish vans, They averagely daily collect and transport over 30m3 of rubbish of all types and each year averagely over 8.000m3 of rubbish. When asked how women workers could collect such a large amount of waste, Ms. Nguyen Thi Lac, a worker of Management Board of Public Works said “every day, all women worker have to get up and collect rubbish together from 03 am and at 10 noon. Although the work is relatively hard, but all feel very happy because the waste collection helps them have monthly s income with an average of VND 1.5 million per worker. Apart from salary, they also have more small earnings from wasted materials to sell at the scrap-iron agents. It helps them reduce a part of difficulties”. "Over 90% of female of the Board have faced difficult circumstances in their life, so the Director Board regularly visit and encourage them to feel secure in working”, said Mr. Le Dinh Yen, Director of Management Board of Public Works. He added “the most difficult problems currently of Management Board of Public Works is that roads in the residential area are quite narrow so it is not easy for the rubbish vans to come and collect waste. Therefore, women workers must carry rubbish from the alleys to the gathered places with over 200m long. Thus the work of rubbish collection takes a lot of time and effort, especially on occasions such as holidays, the annual Lunar New Year. As the citizens of Phu Quy island district, all inevitably want their homeland cleaner and more beautiful in the eyes of all people, especially the tourists visit the island. Therefore, women workers of Management Board of Public Works, apart from collecting rubbish daily in 03 communes, they also grow and care directly more than 2,000 kinds of trees such as casuarina, coconut ... contributing to cover green on the island. And also, in 2009, after construction completed and put into use double roads in district administrative center, women workers also have the task of planting, plant care on the separated bands of the roads to make roads more beautiful. With outstanding achievements in the field of plant care and environmental protection, Management Board of Public Works has got certificate of merit by Phu Quy People’s Committee for many years. Through nearly 09 years put into operation, Management Board of Public Works of Phu Quy district has contributed greatly to the protection of ecological environment on the island more and more green - clean - beautiful. In particular, it has to talk about women workers’ contributions. They are quietly collecting rubbish all daytime and night. To complete the tasks effectively, they must have good health, patience and hard-working acter. Before ing this article, the verses of the poet To Huu suddenly appears, making me remind the image of the women workers is diligently collecting rubbish, regardless of cold weather to be frozen to the marrow “Female cleaners are collecting rubbish in the winter’s nights Female cleaners’ skin is the same as iron or bronze ... We should keep the roadsides clean and beautiful!” The image of women worker of Management Board of Public Works of Phu Quy district clearing out rubbish all daytime and night at “the most dangerous position” is considered very close and affective. Although their contribution is silent but worth to praise and respect.

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Title: Sound of bamboo brooms in the island