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“Strong trade name” for Binh Thuan tourism

On November 11, department of information and communication co-operated with Institute of information for enterprises belonging to VCCI to organize a Seminar on “Building strong trade name for Binh Thuan tourism”. Atting to this seminar, the participants are Chairman of Vietnam tourism Association, Nguyen Phu Duc, leaders of some institutes and departments of Ministry of information and communication, Ministry of industry and commerce, leaders of Binh Thuan provincial sectors and tourism enterprises and leaders of tourism sector of the neighboring provinces.

At this seminar, participants deeply analyzed the importance of building a strong trade name for tourism and how to maintain the tourism trade name. This is a key factor for developing their tourism sectors in order to attract and keep tourists to stay more. Giving presentation on building trade name and cooperative trademark, Head of department of intellectual ownership in Ho Chi Minh city emphasized that at present, the advantage of building the trade name for Binh Thuan tourism is this locality has got two products that have the geographic guidance are Phan Thiet fish sauce and Binh Thuan dragon fruit. This will help the tourism sector to have connection in trade name building. Moreover, Binh Thuan owns the special tourism landscapes and famous sea products known by domestic and foreign tourists. Besides building the trade name, Binh added that sanction of using the common trade name (trade name of Binh Thuan tourism) is needed. In which, environmental protection and compliance of association’s provisions have to be implemented by enterprises for the sake of the common interest and by proud of their trade name‘s ownership. A lot of participants discussed about e-trading and information technology application in Binh Thuan provincial tourism building and development, and in enterprises. As participants’ opinions, the future tourism developing tency is on-line tourism such booking tours, tickets, hotel rooms, air tickets. In order to carry out this application, enterprises have to be flexible and proactive the building process ensures reality, safety and confidence from websites. Chairman of Vietnam tourism Association, Nguyen Phu Duc said at present, Mui Ne-Phan Thiet is a highlight in Vietnam tourism sector and known by many countries around the world. In the future, it is necessary to build and develop Mui Ne becoming a common trade name. In order to implement this mention process, tourism sector need to invest in materials facilities, promote the trade name, train the management board and direct related persons in tourism activities. Moreover, improving quality of services, developing other services of entertainment, restaurants and understanding local culture are required. Some other important factors, enterprises community in the locality needs to connect and help to develop the enterprise community strongly and stably.

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Title: “Strong trade name” for Binh Thuan tourism